The Pastoral couple, Etienne and Corinne ANSEN, have been managing the Tabor since January 2014. They returned to France in June 2013 after 23 years abroad, including 17 years in Sub-Saharan Africa as missionaries in Chad (8 years), Senegal (1 year) and Guinea Conakry (8 years). They worked for different missions and held different functions; training, management, administration, construction… Before they left for Africa they spent 6 years in Belgium. Etienne attended Bible classes at continental Theological Seminary for three years and both were interns in different churches. It was in Belgium that Etienne was recognised as a pastor.

What is the Tabor’s vision?

The Tabor Association is a self-governing, non-subsidized structure that is a member of the CNEF.

The association, under local law, was founded in 1948 by the pastoral couple SIEFER and took the name Tabor on July 4, 1958. A board of directors meets several times a year and an annual general assembly is organised.

The Tabor is part of a vision to serve God and his neighbor by welcoming former missionaries or servants of God, families, groups and individuals, wishing to renew their physical and spiritual forces. It is also a place of prayer and spiritual retreats. A community meets there on weekdays and on Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. for worship.

Any Christian association or church also has the opportunity to organise its own sessions throughout the year. The same is true for family events.
The Tabor is a place of rest, healing, gathering, connection with God and restoration, open all year round. It is offered to those who wish to be edified by the Word of God as well as by personal conversations.

We are occasionally looking for volunteers to meet specific needs, please contact us to find out more

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